SONNEMAN Propels into the Future of Architecture & Design with Scalable Architectural Lighting Systems

May 25, 2018

Driven by technological, sophisticated, modern design, our four new scalable architectural lighting systems, introduced this year, include: Intervals™, Constellation™, Votives™, and Tik-Tak™ (the 2018 winner of the LFI Innovation Award). All were on display at our booth, along with our acclaimed and expanded Suspenders® lighting system.



Intervals is a uniquely integrated linear architectural lighting system of rhythmically bidirectional illumination, with a range of available decorative and functional options.

The Intervals system utilizes an innovative LED module with independently controllable uplight and downlight. 



Live Among The Stars with our Constellation decorative architectural lighting system. A Constellation is a group of stars, in a fixed relationship to each other, combine to form patterns along a running path. A series of pre-configured Constellations are joined in interconnected arrangements of celestial imagery and limitless expansion.

A Constellation configuration is built from LED hubs, connecting arms, and cable ceiling hangers. Each hub is a complete LED light engine that can revolve around the connecting arms to alter the orientation of the illumination and that of the intersecting connecting arms.  



The dramatic repetitive arrangement of the candle-like votives, along with precise points of light beneath, establishes a cadence of light and shadow along a surface bringing a rhythm of calm, warmth, and introspection. Votives are available as pendants and wall bars.



LED rods are suspended in tandem pairs that can be stacked to multiple levels, perpendicular to each other. Each rod can be independently positioned as up or down light, and adjusted with infinite variability to any height along the suspension cables. 

Dramatic in the precision of their orientation and range of verticality, Tik-Tak brings a crisp presence to the volume of space.



Dramatically Powerful in its message of utility and simplicity, Suspenders is a delicately scaled, modular system of interconnected elements and suspended LED luminaires. Configured as individual lighting sculptures or as a tiered web of infinite scope and variety, Suspenders components offer a broad range of decorative and functional applications.



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