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modular architectural illumination


A group of stars, in a fixed relationship to each other, combine to form patterns along a running path. A series of pre-configured Constellations are joined in interconnected arrangements of celestial imagery and limitless expansion.


This delicately scaled but inherently strong connection of rigid triangular forms describes the achievement of structural volume from minimal elements.


Clusters of illuminated glass in a dance-like rhythm


An expression of simplicity shows that less is definitely more.


Intersecting wands of illumination form an abstract configuration about a vertical axis. Dramatically scaled..


Organic curves undulate in vine-like configurations


As though blown from an artisan’s tube in a single breath, the fluid glass is formed from a funnel-like shape in a continuous flowing volume.


A softly shaped volume, realized in clear ribbed glass, dramatically reveals a white luminous core within. Available as single or multiple pendants.


Circular medallions shield an LED illuminated core, reflecting dazzling illumination through the planes of a ribbed glass disc. Suspended from lariats as singles or clustered in multiples, Meclisse pendants rotate freely to form stunning arrays of spectacular arrangements


Subtle curves and dramatic presence in perfect counterbalance


Playful activity of movement within its space


sophisticated simplicity

malibu discs™

Flared discs form a sweeping sculptural expression


Inspired by Organic Abstractionism, a thin profile is formed into sweeping curves that surround the LED light pods as it defines its sculptural path


A controlled spread of light is reflected from the interior of this dramatically scaled tapered ring.


A modern interplay of deconstruction


Pristine perfection, and minimal essense defines modern functionality


Suspended, wall-mounted, or free-standing architectural precision


Ola is a softly flowing modular system of linear elements that can be suspended individually or connected in multiple arrangements. Connected end to end they can form a continuous ribbon of light in a nearly limitless linear configuration.


Stiletto’s ultra-sophisticated and extraordinarily precise solid acrylic is thrust through a minimally present aluminum channel.


A flared “V” shaped linear form, with a continuous radius end, defines a minimal profile sleekness is designed to provide balanced LED illumination along a linear situation for both general and task applications.

light chimes™

Slender cylindrical forms, in two lengths, suspended at varying heights, reveal their LED illuminated, white etched acrylic lenses in dramatically elegant and minimal configurations.


Exquisite in the subtle contours of its volume, Mela reveals the color of its surroundings within its sensual shape. Available in three sizes, as single pendants or in multiples of the same size, Mela radiates a sophisticated presence within its space.


Poised in opposing positions, softly tapered acrylic forms radiate LED illumination. Asymmetrically counterbalanced, these double tapered elements are arranged in a symmetrical cluster to form a dazzling luminous dance of interactivity. Suspended from a single multi-arm canopy or mounted individually to the ceiling in a radial pattern allows for scaling of the diameter of the fixture.


Intervals is a uniquely integrated linear architectural lighting system of rhythmically aligned bidirectional illumination, with a range of available decorative and functional trims. Architecturally scaled, the suspended horizontal beams span long lengths within a space, supported from ceiling-mounted cables or stems, forming a dramatically powerful approach to illuminating architecturally expansive locations.


The dramatic repetitive arrangement of the candle-like votives establishes a cadence of light and shadow along a surface bringing a rhythm of calm, warmth, and introspection.


LED rods are suspended in tandem pairs on multiple levels, perpendicular to each other. Each rod can be independently positioned as up or down light, and adjusted with infinite variability to any height along the suspension cables. Dramatic in the precision of their orientation and range of verticality, Tik-Tak brings a crisp presence to the volume of space.

wave bar™

Undulating waves of translucent acrylic profiles flow in a complex rising and falling of alternating layers. Illuminated from an extruded LED light bar,

double corona™

Double Corona introduces bidirectional lighting symmetry to the circular profile of Corona, a Sonneman classic. The warm glow of solid cast, frosted acrylic rings radiates LED illumination in both up and down directions, combining balance with geometric perfection.


A system of minimally scaled LED linear pendants and wall bars, Thin-Line is offered in a variety of lengths, finishes, and lighting configurations. Thin-Line pendants are available in single- and double-sided configurations; the single-sided configurations can be installed as a downlight or up-light, providing direct or indirect illumination.


A shed-like slim aluminum shade drapes a cable-suspended tubular arm in a configuration of Industrial Modern functionality.


Suspended from slender parallel cables, an LED flat panel silhouette intersects with the flat face of a vertical plane, in balanced simplicity. Reminiscent of the offset cantilevered roofs on Wright’s “Falling Water,” Cantilevered Planes strikes a powerful sculptural tension in the offset minimalism of its LED flat panels.


A precisely curved form is revolved around a center axis, forming a Torus of reflected LED luminance that appears to float in air with an open lightness.


Tromme reimagines the solid geometry of these classic aluminum drums, and provides visual weight with see-through lightness.


Flat disc and deep cylindrical forms, of different visual weights in juxtaposition to each other, are counterbalanced on offset slender arms in a rotating system of mass. Dramatically powerful in its simplicity, Counterpoint delivers bright LED luminance downward, with a subtly lit edge from the solid acrylic lenses of its cylindrical heads.


A classic modern architectural lighting form, Architectural Lighting Cylinders are available in a variety of sizes, configurations, and finishes, with multiple beam spread options and a number of glass and metal trims.


These rock crystal-like structures are formed from large, smooth planes in precise arrangements with each other. LED illumination radiates through faceted surfaces of white cased glass, providing varying levels of brightness as your angle of perception changes.


A luminous interior surface peeks through a rhythm of undulations, revealing the light from within these dramatic LED pendants. Shaped in a deep bell or as a broader dome, these sculptural forms are available in several sizes and finishes.

infinity reflections

An organically shaped cast stone-like material glows in the reflection of illumination from a wavelike LED luminaire suspended below. Changing the perspective view transforms the perception of its amorphic shape, revealing and concealing the ebb and flow of its subtle form.


An organically shaped cast stone-like material glows in the reflection of illumination from a wavelike LED luminaire suspended below. Changing the perspective view transforms the perception of its amorphic shape, revealing and concealing the ebb and flow of its subtle form.

abstract rhythms

Flowing abstract shapes, layered in progression, form both linear and three-sided curved volumes of luminous reflections. LED light radiates from the center outward, through voids in the layers from a perfectly-fit luminaire within the center.


White, curved forms, arrayed in suspension, direct bright light up, down, and through the spaces between its lotus-like petals, producing soft luminous reflections and a radiant glow.

stix square

LED Stix precisely arranged into a square-shaped mobile sculpture of illumination.

stix rectangle

LED Stix precisely arranged into a square-shaped mobile sculpture of illumination.


Reimagined from our original 1980s modern classic, “Floating Glass,” this clear glass disk floats on a softly shaped, bright LED core. Light is directed downward and transmitted through its clear glass disk to its edges, emitting a dramatic ring of light. Float is also available with a white etched glass disk that radiates light from the entire glass surface.

light guide ring

Floating within an aluminum ring, an LED source edge-lights a light guide disk that redirects its luminance to its upper and lower surfaces, producing a glare-free radiance. Arranged in single and multiple configurations, the Light Guide Rings offer exciting illuminating solutions to both larger and smaller environments.


A flask-like flat oval glass profile, suspended from a slender cable, rotates randomly to various orientations creating an asymmetric relationship to its surroundings. A single point source of LED illumination within the void of the larger glass volume creates a special aesthetic tension of scales.


The surface contours of this meteor-like glass volume have the softened look of melting glass. The visual weight of this amorphous sculpture is glorified by the thinness of the cable from which it hangs and the single point source of LED illumination within its contoured volume.

champagne bubbles

Light dances through a dazzling array of tiny bubbles within the solid mass of each glass crystal ball. A single source of LED illumination becomes refracted and diffused from within its effervescent volume.


Sweeping gestures from the featherlight hand of an artist’s brush define this dramatic expression of luminous art. LED illumination radiates from the top and bottom faces of each sweeping arc to cast direct and indirect light within a space.


Curved along its length in a subtly tapered arc and flared from top to bottom, the complexity of this Zen-like shape is hidden in its simplicity, but becomes apparent in the functionality with which it renders LED light onto a surface. Kabu’s bold but gentle subtlety is scaled in two sizes.


Luminous bars form a symmetrical fractal pattern of intersecting Y shapes. Delicate and precise, this snowflake-like geometry casts its LED illumination evenly across a broad surface or area.


Linear illumination often ends abruptly, leaving the ends of a surface in dark shadows. Bi-Y distributes its LED illumination radially from the center of each Y intersection, casting illumination broadly along its perfectly balanced minimal profile.


Crisp-edged square panels in polished chrome, precisely arranged on rectangular bars, form rectilinear compositions in multiple configurations along a horizontal plane.


Downward LED illumination shimmers through a radially-cut crystal cone, suspended from its precisely tapered form in polished chrome. Placed as single pendant drops or used in multiple arrays, the Spire-like compositions present a fresh approach to modern elegance.


A crystal prism is hand-cut in patterns that echo the acute angles and faces of its crisp, triangular form. LED illumination projects through the angular bottom facet. When hung in multiple clusters, Trinity provides a dazzling pattern of varying brightness.

bauhaus revisited

Reimagined in a timeless contemporary style, these LED luminaires are rooted in the Bauhaus ideal of Industrial Modernism. A compelling logic of utility with a straightforward approach to construction defines the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic.


Offset circles on opposing angled planes capture an illuminated ring of LED light. Look through the suspended volume to the space beyond as light radiates inward and outward.


Delicate simplicity from a pure geometric expression provides radially distributed LED illumination in perfect balance around its intersecting center. 


Inspired by the historically popular Japanese toy spinning tops of the 13th century, Koma pendants transcend history with cheerful modern style.

little cloud™

Cloud is a cumulus form that projects intense LED illumination from each of its individual lobes: downward for direct lighting or upward for indirect reflection. Available in two sizes and in uplight or downlight configurations. In collaboration with Peter Polick

corso linear

Corso Linear is a softly contoured undulation of linear illumination.


Corona is a circular profile of light; a warm ringed glow of LED illumination providing both the presence and the absence of volume. Big Corona is available in a range of larger diameters.


An arrangement of precise square LED Stix forms a variety of illuminated mobile sculptures with freedom to arrange the composition and angles of the elements.


With the essence of a circle, Pi projects radiant LED illumination.


Two simply flanged plates are set apart in tension to form a reveal, unified by the purpose of its form.


Grapes are luminous LED spheres in multiple sizes, arrayed in precise or random patterns, in clusters, or as single points of light. Seen from the middle or above, the crystal appears clear with a subtle luminance. Moving below, the crystal facets become increasingly apparent, refracting the light into a dazzling radiance.


Glittering and alive, LED points of light refract through hundreds of crushed and fused glass nuggets that dance and shimmer in a spectacular display.

ring shade

LED illumination radiates through the off-white linen of Ring Shade’s comfortable, yet bold open form.


Cloche's simplicity resides comfortably in the most contemporary or seasoned surroundings.

corso rhythm

Corso defines elegant, modern simplicity in a softly contoured design. A singular elliptical form illuminates above and below its soft and sensual shape, lending function and artful presence to a contemporary environment.


The Lillia Pendant Light is a sensuously shaped almond form with a wave cut edge. Offered with a choice of smoke bronze or light dichroic glass, Lillia has the ability to thrive in a variety of modern spaces, while providing a unique aesthetic to its environment. For even further customizability, select from a retro nickel or brass metal fitting. Includes 10’ adjustable black silk covered cord. Shown in retro nickel with dichroic glass.

chromaglo™ spectrum

Chromaglo Spectrum brings the excitement of variable color illumination with infinite opportunities to change the environment and alter the mood. Spectrum lets you control the lighting in a variety of ways with options and variability in direction, distribution, intensity, and color.

micro cone

Brighten and ornament a space.

micro tube

Brighten and ornament a space.


The metaphor of an industrial loft reclaimed from its historical grit is refined, glorified, and transformed.

square ring

A square frame captures a round ring, glorifying a structural geometry and reconciling cylinders composed in a variety of rectilinear patterns.

urban edge™

Uptown sophistication with a Downtown edge allows the glow of this helix filament to radiate through the texture of black wire mesh. The grit of the hip urban edge is captured in the coolness of the Gotham pendants that can be used singularly or in infinite clusters.

candle plus led

Candle Plus LED, elegant in the simplicity of its classic reference and circular forms, is a sleek-lined modern luminaire. A luminous cased glass cylinder is juxtaposed with metal sockets and exposed pin detailing to highlight the candle-like glow and maintain the clean contemporary influence. The silhouette is ideal for pairing and in multiples for a dramatic and unique lighting dimension.

glass pendants

A structurally innovative new cord from an expanded braided material that remains perfectly straight in suspension.


Capital radiates an understated modern drama. Delineated solid geometric forms, with repeating intervals of pattern, define scale and interest in an otherwise pure architectural form.

chromaglo™ bright white

The Chromaglo Bright White lighting system produces both direct and indirect LED illumination providing balanced, dimmable lighting from a single fixture.


Ringlo’s cantilevered stem soars upward through a tapered ring of LED illumination that defines its functionality with minimalist simplicity and a powerful sculptural presence.


Roxy conveys the glamorous elegance of 1940s modernism when deco reigned and luxury was in style.

suspended glass slim led

The Suspended Glass Slim LED collection lights areas with sophistication and unique sculptural purity.


LED illumination is projected through crisp white luminous frosted acrylics. These solid, candle-like forms of bright satin aluminum LED Wands can be clusted in multiples or used individually to illuminate and ornament.

champagne wands

Light dances off champagne-like bubbles infused within the LED illuminated environment of acrylic shades. These sophisticated forms can be featured individually or clustered in multiples to brighten and ornament a space with technological wonder.


In plain sight, Level radiates a frank and artful sophistication through nothing more, and nothing less, than two clear and perfect cylinders, its inner workings becoming the minimal embellishment.


Suspended from its black silk covered cord and held by its industrial socket, Chelsea’s historic carbon filament lamp is encapsulated in a voluptuous glass form that echoes its classic shape. The honesty of its functional construction and the simplicity of its purpose affirm the authenticity of the Chelsea pendant.


Candela is a simplified, more contemporary rendition of a classic series, presented in a variety of new glass shapes. Available as multiple drops or as single pendants, Candela brings freshness and assortment to the selection of a proven lighter-scale pendant series.


Less can be more when the essence is suggested by a few simple elements, unconcealed and in clear view, as seen in Sky.


Vogue floats around a core of incandescence in the air of simplicity.


telier is a contemporary style bred from the urban edge. A civilized approach to an industrial aesthetic, its distinct simplicity and expansive sculptural presence makes this pendant or sconce ideal for open spaces.

orb vectors

Altering the convention of a lighting fixture array, while built symmetrically around a central column, Orb defies the expected by connecting its lit stems in a sculptural dance of various angles bringing order from chaos. Available as single pendants, clusters, or vectors.


Altering the convention of a lighting fixture array, while built symmetrically around a central column, Orb defies the expected by connecting its lit stems in a sculptural dance of various angles bringing order from chaos.

bleecker street

The simplicity of this Bleecker Street Pendant defines a point of view that brings clarity, calmness, and a sense of order to its space. The concentric cylindrical geometry is banded by a ring that supports a single bronze tubular lamp that glows within its pure form.


Industrial honesty and straightforward simplicity defines the sophisticated urban space. Tribeca’s clear glass globe and black wire mesh refracts the illuminated filament of its showcase lamp. Or, remove the mesh to reveal the warm radiance of the naked, specially coated bronze bulb.


Apollo is a reference to the gleaming mercury glass orbs of the art deco era. Inspired by the god of light, this design embodies luminous, reflective, shimmering transparence—simple, yet mysterious. Its mercury-coated glass globe reflects its outside surroundings and radiates the luminance of its clear filament lamp from within.

mercer street

The refined classic art of beveled crystal meets the precisely machined aesthetic of industrial modern in the Mercer Street collection, lighting that defines a place and the sophistication of a downtown attitude.


Puri, where a delicate transparent wisp of organza silk floats on captured air, surrounding the softly diffused illumination of a white linen shade.


Metro demonstrates volume in suspension. The design’s drama comes from visual tension that develops between the soft luminous shades and the crispness of delicate rectilinear frames. Inner light glows through the shade as well as a bottom glass diffuser. A downlight provides warm accent and an additional dimension of light. Metro brings urban chic to your modern home or architect-inspired space.


The Castelli collection’s uniqueness derives from a beautifully shaped glass in suspension from stainless steel cable. Castelli’s open design invests contemporary freshness and projects sophistication into your home or architecture.


The subtly curved shape of each of its white enameled glass panels is defined by crystal clear edges that add just a touch of sparkle and definition.


Teardrop is inspired by the streamlined organic form of a teardrop falling through air.


A glowing filament radiates through the texture of a chromed perforation cylinder within the shimmering clarity of a larger blown glass crystal vase like tube.


Modern elegance from classic simplicity, Tuxedo is the formality of black and white with the classic comfort of candlelight. Striking drama from the absence of adornment, Tuxedo’s presence is in the strength and clarity of its silhouette.


Playful, formal, casual yet classic, Bubbles is an iconic, mid-century modern lighting design of infinite variety and proportions. Its straightforward clarity echoes the modern pathos of form from function as its aesthetic basis.


Handkerchief…Suspended in air with intriguing exposed composition, this contoured etched glass floats below the lights that shine through it to define its sculptural presence. With soft, luminous glass in harmony with the precision of its functional details, the Handkerchief collection provides a sophisticated solution to illuminating situations.


Candle Plus LED, elegant in the simplicity of its classic reference and circular forms, is a sleek-lined modern luminaire. A luminous cased glass cylinder is juxtaposed with metal sockets and exposed pin detailing to highlight the candle-like glow and maintain the clean contemporary influence. The silhouette is ideal for pairing and in multiples for a dramatic and unique lighting dimension.