Ola™ Collection


The Ola Story

Ola is a softly flowing modular system of linear elements that can be suspended individually or connected in multiple arrangements. Connected end to end they can form a continuous ribbon of light in a nearly limitless linear configuration.




Ola’s softly-flowing, luminous elements are shown here in suspension joined with a 120-degree connector at the center of a Tri-Star configuration.

Ola’s delicately-bowed LED luminaires can be suspended in multiple configurations of one, two, three, or more connected luminaires. Additionally, an infinite variety of hexagon, honeycomb, and abstract configurations can form incredibly interesting and scalable webs of flowing illumination across a plane of larger space. The downward direction of the LED illumination, through the optical acrylic diffusers, provides distributed illumination when suspended high within a space or directed task illumination when suspended low over a work surface.