Cubix™ Collection


The Cubix Story

modular architectural illumination

Cubix brings volume and constructive interest to architectural illumination. Arrayed in precisely interconnected relationships, these suspended cubes are joined to each other by a shared leg on each frame. With each cube set at one of four vertical positions to the next, the construction allows for expansive horizontal and vertical arrays across the plane and height of a space. Each cube can support a horizontal LED light-guide or be left as an open frame, providing the flexibility to configure higher or lower density illumination and scale to a variety of spaces. Cubix brings constructivist context to architectural illumination.

Configured in a strong vertical arrangement, Cubix brings layers of illumination and dramatic sculptural presence to high-ceilinged architectural spaces. Scaled in a narrower vertical formation or configured with broader horizontal sections for increased mass, Cubix provides the opportunity to achieve the scale of both height and volume.

The Cubix Surface Story


Low profile Cubix Surface allows for ceiling surface mounting or suspended
installation where a minimal height is desired across the plane of a space.
Used as single fixtures, clusters, or linear patterns, or configured for expansive
arrangements across larger spaces, Cubix Surface expands the utility and
aesthetic application of this family.