Suspenders® 4-Tier Gallery Matrix

ITEM # SLS0002-SC02

Height 39.25"
Width 242"
Lamping 35
Wattage 262.4
Bulb Type LED
Shade Color Clear
Shade Material Ribbed Seeded Crystal

A Four-Tier 20’x5’ design using thirteen 48" Power Bars and five 36" Power Bars arranged in a perpendicular horizontal matrix. The configuration hangs 6" from the ceiling. Each successive tier hangs 6" vertically from the one above, supported by various ceiling hangers and varying lengths of Power Bar Hangers. 43 Etched Chiclet Cluster Luminaires are interspersed evenly with 35 Single Etched Chiclet Luminaires. Power is split between two ceiling mounted Power Feeds with remote mounted transformers.

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