Ultra-bright, glare-free illumination from revolutionary LED Flat Panel Technology
    ...eliminates the hot spots and multiple shadows from the multiple point sources of light of other LED lamps.

Brightness controlled from a touchless optical sensor.

Ingenious articulating arm adjusts free of external components.

Art + Design.

Design becomes art when a product's functional attributes are
superbly embodied in the exquisite refinement of its form.

Quattro's™ geometric simplicity, functional precision, and
innovative technology achieves this standard of excellence.

Quattro's™ brightly colored rectilinear forms recall the
red, yellow, black, and blue of Piet Mondrian and
Gerrit Rietveld, both of whom were forces of the
Dutch De Stijl art and design movement
from 1917 to 1928.

Quattro™ is the achievement
of a design collaboration
between Robert Sonneman
and Peter Polick.

Finishes. Available in 4 Distinct Finishes.
Black Gloss White Bright Satin Aluminum Red/ Yellow/Black
Glare-Free LED Flat Panel Technology.
Quattro™ produces 25% more brightness, glare-free, from 25% less power than conventional LED task lamps.
Quattro's™ ultra-bright, glare-free illumination comes
from its revolutionary LED Flat Panel technology.
The flat panel eliminates the hot spots and multiple shadows
that most LED lamps produce from multiple point sources
of light, each of which creates a separate shadow.
A uniform light source is generated by projecting Nichia LED
illumination across a large surface of advanced optical films
that focus and direct the light toward its objective, reducing
sidelight that causes glare. The result is; more light on what
you want to see and less unwanted light in your eyes.
Our Flat Panel Light
Other LED Lights
Brightness. Controlled from a Touchless Optical Sensor.
Quattro™ is engineered to
maximize the comfort of the
user and the usefulness of each
dimming level. Controlled from a
touchless optical sensor, Quattro's™
dimming levels have been set at:
High/100%, Mid/60%, Low/20%.
The consistent 40% drop at each
level maximizes the comfort and
the usefulness of each level.
Its three brightness levels are controlled
from a touchless optical sensor atop
its low-profile head.
Movement. Rotation. Flexibility.
Quattro's™ perfectly square
base supports an ingeniously
articulated rectangular arm
that moves through an
extensive range of elevation,
free from external supporting
springs or exposed components. It poises where
desired through its patented internal compression
and tension mechanics, ICTM™.
In addition, the arm rotates 90 degrees on a
pivot, inset perfectly flush at a corner of the
base. Quattro's™ amazingly thin, precisely square
head rotates and adjusts on two axes.
Exquisite in its geometric simplicity
and in the refined precision of
its functional elements,
Quattro™ sets a new standard,
bringing superior technology
to design excellence.
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